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We provide young people with opportunities to develop themselves via international internships and volunteer programs. These experiences are built by a dedicated network of students from across 120+ countries and territories.
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Ambitious enough to believe you can make a positive impact in our world? Well, we believe you can, through
volunteering towards the UN Global Goals!


6  -12 weeks





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Does a dynamic, fast-paced work environment excite you?
Begin your entrepreneurial journey with
an internship at a startup!


6  -12 weeks





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Learn about the Goals

Adopted by the 193 countries, 17 Global Goals aim to end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. With over 1.8 billion young people globally, we have an active role to play. Start by learning about the Goals and how they impact your life.

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Young Person’s Guide: Changing the World Edition

Created by youth for youth, The Young Person’s Guide is comprised of daily actions and projects young people can make to impact the Sustainable Development Goals, in an attempt to change the world one action at a time. It offers a glimpse into the core of each of the Global Goals, a set of recommended actions, and encouragement to involve friends, family, and the local community. The Guide also includes instructions for businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions on how to use this guide to engage their people.


Are you ambitious and passionate about making the world a better place? AIESEC is the place for you. Be part of one of our teams and develop your leadership potential.

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The first video series presenting Youth taking actions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
10 volunteers, 9 impacted countries, 1 common purpose.

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