Why I do what I do | The story of Melani

Welcome to my story, as I am sharing with you a quite new, but very intense journey that led me to an organization called AIESEC. But first, introduction, and how I ended up in Switzerland.

My name is Melani, I’m 24, and I come from Estonia. After finishing high school in Tallinn, having studied in France and in Belgium for a while, I’ve finally made it here, living in Bern and studying Business Communication in Fribourg. And that’s how I ended up joining AIESEC Fribourg.

I joined in March 2016. I’m now responsible for marketing and communications in my local chapter and I also collaborate with the national marketing team. I’ve been awarded for my leadership skills and proactiveness. I’ve attended conferences, met with fascinating people, and quite frankly, I’ve had quite a few amazing experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t joined AIESEC. 

From the very beginning, I’ve been very humbled by all of it. By people trusting me, believing in me, seeing potential in me. However, I have still been fighting with the feeling of not being enough – good enough, smart enough, skillful enough, brave enough. In the past few weeks, there have been way too many times that I’ve found myself wondering, “But how am I here? I don’t even know anything. Am I the only one who’s winging it?”

Why do I say it out loud? Because maybe when it’s out there, I become free. Or free-er. Because maybe when it’s out there, someone who has felt or feels the same, finds a glimmer of hope and sees that we’re never alone in these kinds of situations. However strong we might not look, we’ve all felt like this. Haven’t we? 

Something else that I want to show is that although AIESEC isn’t what made me courageous or curious, it surely keeps on reminding me to take on new challenges, to leave my comfort zone behind, and to openly share my thoughts and feelings, and be vulnerable (still learning that though).

whatsapp-image-2016-09-26-at-10-37-57Why will you love this organization, you ask?

Because AIESEC gives you the opportunity to apply already acquired knowledge in real life situations, while learning new things. It is an ideal practice for virtual teamwork which is more and more common in our fast-paced world where people often prefer choosing where and when they work. It is a platform where you can try and fail, and try again. It is a place for diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, and it connects you with other like-minded individuals who are active, open-minded, and want to make a change. I would even say that it forms young people who we so desperately need in our world – those who care, who are self-aware, ready to challenge and empower themselves and others, and who are ready to see fellow humans as human beings, whatever their race or religious beliefs.

And through this journey, you will find people who will become your family.

If you feel that AIESEC could be something for you, join us in our journey! We couldn’t be happier to have you with us!

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Author: Melani Kalev