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Are you looking for a new experience ? Are you willing to discover new cultures ? Are you eager to take a step further in your life ?

The Global Citizen Program enables you to gain overseas volunteering experiences while developing many personal skills such as communication, project management and socially responsible leadership.

At AIESEC we believe that the best way to develop yourself is to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Going abroad with AIESEC is an awesome opportunity to create a positive impact in a community while overcoming your personal limits. You will be able to work with students from all the corners of the globe in areas like social entrepreneurship, education, social work, health care or environment.

Our presence in 126 countries and territories around the world allows us to offer more than 20’000 internships from which you can choose all over the year. Don’t waste more time and get ready to spend 6 to 8 weeks being more than a tourist, being part of another culture and living the experience of your lifetime. Immerse yourself in a new culture and learn to see the world from a different point of view.


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Go INTERNational ! Corporate internships abroad from 6 to 18 months ! Learn more HERE


Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, Mexico

Are you willing to start your career in a new environment ? Are you looking for an incredible job experience ? Are you ready to get started with your new life ?

The Global Internship Program offers you to gain cross-cultural experience while working in a dynamic and fascinating environment.

With our offices in 126 countries and territories all around the globe and our online database, we can offer you over than 5’000 paid internships from which you can choose depending on your background. The program is built to target your skills development as well as cross-cultural dialogues. Working in an international environment is always a plus for your future career. We offer internships from 3 to 18  months all year long.
Start building your career and gain your first experience with AIESEC.


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Do you know AIESEC Lausanne?

AIESEC Lausanne has been founded in 1954 by a group of very ambitious students as one of the first offices established in Switzerland.  Since then, we provide students the possibility to develop their leadership skills by taking responsibility in one of the local teams or by going abroad in an internship.
Every year, AIESEC offers students the opportunity to develop themselves and discover new cultures by going in one of the 20’000 internships offered all over the globe. A volunteering experience in education, social work or entrepreneurship or an internship in a well known company, both empower students to step beyond their confort zone and grow as the future leaders of tomorrow.

If you would like to be part of our team or to go abroad with AIESEC, we are here to support you!

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Interested in a volunteering experience of 6-8 weeks in a different corner of the world? Check out our Global Citizen program.


Are you looking for a valuable first work experience in one of the top companies? Check out the opportunities our Global Internship program can offer you.

Interested in being part of AIESEC Lausanne?

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