What is it like to have your heart spread all over the world?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Nowadays, the more people you meet, the more you hear about those studying and/or working abroad, living far from the place where they grew up, having culturally mixed backgrounds, and what not. It is not unusual or super special anymore.

However, it’s not to say that it’s always so easy. Hell no. There can be many challenges to overcome and deal with, that are not always seen or felt by the outsiders who often rather seem to think that living abroad is a paradise life in itself. Paradise or not, all the lessons you learn through that will most probably be one of the best and the most formative ones you will ever learn.

One of the aforementioned challenges is meeting and loving people who are spread all over the world. We all need our own tribe, our squad, our people. But what happens when your squad is… well… mostly, all over Europe, for example? You just cope. But is there more than that?


How does it really feel like having your heart spread all over the world?

To be really honest, you get used to it. You cope, yes. But you do get used to it. If you’re lucky, you can have different lives in different countries, and you never feel alone nor a stranger in your own home. You get used to missing people, so much so that you end up not missing them in the first place. Sometimes, sure, but most of the time… you’re just so used to being away from them.

However, there are also cases where it’s not so easy, where it rather feels like you’re always one foot in, one foot out – wherever you are. Home? Yes, but not exactly.

It’s not only about how your heart can’t settle in one place because of the places that you’ve been and the people you love. It’s also about the fact that you know how much is out there. It’s the fear of missing out (FoMO), but not in the context of social media. Your heart is restless. You want to escape. More often than not, it means you miss places and people you’ve never seen and you’ve never met.

You don’t know where to point when they ask about home. You don’t know where to point when they ask about your future home. Where do you see yourself? You don’t want to limit your choices. For God’s sake, there are so many of them. So many choices. So many places. Where is home? You find it in your heart and in your people, in memories and in interactions. However, geographically speaking, a meaning for one true home gets foggier and foggier with each passing year.

There are more and more World Citizens around us. The ones who take the world as their playground and who are bound to no place. The ones for whom “a home” is a very debatable subject and they are not actually linked to any kind of place per se. They make a home wherever they are, though they might never feel the typical “homebound” feeling which others are used to. And this is okay. This is the new reality that many of us face. And as mentioned, there can be many challenges to be faced on this journey, but the perks definitely outweigh them, at least most of the time.

Ah, and the aforementioned squad? The people you hold dear and close to your heart – fortunately, they are only a plane ride away.

So if you’d like to experience living abroad with all that it gives you, take a look at here.

Author: Melani Kalev