About us:

AIESEC Bern, founded in 1963 by Mr. Jürg Schwarz, is a local office of AIESEC in Switzerland. It comprises of more than 30 members, from over 15 different cultural backgrounds. The Local Committee Bern (LC) is composed of students from different Higher Educational Institutions, such as the University of Bern, Bern Fachhochschule, and University of Lucerne.

AIESEC Bern has been providing valuable leadership experiences to all our members for more than 50 years. Every year we are sending tens of students and members abroad through our exchange programmes  (the professional internshipsprogramme called “Global Talent” and our volunteering internships programme called “Global Citizen“), we encourage them to experience new cultures, to challenge themselves and to learn new things. We believe that stepping out of your confort zone and challenging yourself will make you a stronger person and a better leader in the future.

WHAT we do and WHY we do what we do

Over the years, AIESEC has provided the world with some of the greatest leaders: Bill Clinton,  Micheline Calmy Rey, Martti Ahtissari (President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize Winner), Helmut Kohl… and many more. AIESEC is providing the world with thousands of young, responsible and entrepreneurial leaders that will decide how the world be lead tomorrow.

The world is yours too, so how will YOU shape it?

We are currently looking for motivated young people to join AIESEC Bern. Contact us and fill out the form (on the bottom of the page) and discover what options AIESEC Bern can offer you!