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Understanding CSR with AIESEC!

Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, is an initiative being adopted by companies around the world. The term defines a company’s effort to somehow create a positive impact in society. This impact can come from donations to nonprofit organizations, sponsorship for social projects and volunteering initiatives for the company’s employees. It is a way […]

Get talent from abroad with AIESEC!

Switzerland is a country of great opportunities and it is considered a reference in diverse subjects around the globe. The country counts with great universities, stable politics and economy, international companies and good infrastructure. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Switzerland doesn’t stand so far either. Investments in the field have been rising throughout the last […]

Success story: D-ploy’s growth with Global Talent

AIESEC in Switzerland was founded back in 1951, and since then, our organisation has collaborated with many companies in the country to grow their market and achieve top performances in their respective fields through our Global Talent program. An example of our partnerships is D-ploy, a Swiss-based IT Services and Engineering Solutions company with operations […]

Effective team management leading to effective results

One of the key aspects that allow companies to achieve better results is effective people management. Although this responsibility is often attributed to the Human Resources department, managers and team leaders should recognize their active role on the employee’s performance, achieved results, motivation and development. As an organization that seeks to develop leadership in its […]

How AIESEC connects youth and companies: Global Talent

As the largest youth-led organisation, AIESEC aims to develop leadership in youth, and next to the Global Entrepreneur’s program, we run the Global Talent program. Through it, we connect young people to internship opportunities through our international platform, allowing your company to find the talent and innovation you have been looking for and activating leadership development […]

How AIESEC connects startups and youth

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led network creating positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences. We strive for Peace and Fulfillment of humankind’s’ potential, by developing leadership in the youth promoting cross cultural exchanges. Our cross cultural experiences are promoted by engaging youth and partners, who believe in change and impact. We work […]

Mission: Internship – and how to make the most out of it

Nowadays internships are a crucial part of graduates’ path to their first real job. They are a great opportunity to get to know a certain field of employment, gain first practical experiences, acquire new skills, and build professional relationships. However, internships can also be quite tricky for young people who have never worked in a […]

Let’s talk about AIESEC, shall we?

AIESEC is the largest international youth organization, present in 126 countries. Three members of AIESEC in Switzerland share their experiences. What pushed you to join AIESEC in the first place? Rémi: Firstly, I was motivated by the experience that a student association could bring through my studies. In addition to that, as I am studying […]

What is it like to have your heart spread all over the world?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Nowadays, the more people you meet, the more you hear about those studying and/or working abroad, living far from the place where they grew up, having culturally mixed backgrounds, and what not. It is not unusual or super special anymore. However, it’s not […]