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Mission: Internship – and how to make the most out of it

Nowadays internships are a crucial part of graduates’ path to their first real job. They are a great opportunity to get to know a certain field of employment, gain first practical experiences, acquire new skills, and build professional relationships. However, internships can also be quite tricky for young people who have never worked in a […]

Let’s talk about AIESEC, shall we?

AIESEC is the largest international youth organization, present in 126 countries. Three members of AIESEC in Switzerland share their experiences. What pushed you to join AIESEC in the first place? Rémi: Firstly, I was motivated by the experience that a student association could bring through my studies. In addition to that, as I am studying […]

What is it like to have your heart spread all over the world?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Nowadays, the more people you meet, the more you hear about those studying and/or working abroad, living far from the place where they grew up, having culturally mixed backgrounds, and what not. It is not unusual or super special anymore. However, it’s not […]

Is it possible to have clean water for everyone by 2030?

Did you know that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water? Probably yes, but did you also know that 2.5% of it is fresh and thus actually drinkable? Doesn’t seem like a lot, but those 2.5% of fresh water could comfortably supply every living creature on Earth if exploited accordingly and intelligently. However, due […]

Why every university student should intern in a startup

If you’re fresh out of college or feel like trading stuffy libraries for some real-life work experience, chances are you’re looking for an internship. Usually, the first impulse seems to be applying for an internship position in a renowned company. But have you ever considered interning in a startup instead? Maybe you have, but feel […]

Indonesian adventure | The story of Gloria

“Volunteering has always been one of my biggest dreams, something that I felt the need doing at least once in my lifetime. This opportunity arrived in April 2016, when I was elected as the winner of the contest launched by AIESEC Lugano at my university. Looking through the opportunities, I didn’t know what I wanted […]

3 reasons why you really shouldn’t live abroad

We have all read plenty of articles encouraging us to go discover the world and other cultures. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t. You really shouldn’t do this. I mean, really, why bother? What does it actually give you? You go out of your comfort zone. EW. Who would like this? It’s comfortable […]

Find a project. Leave for a journey. Change a life.

In 2015, at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, 150 world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals. Goal #4 is about quality education. Despite enormous progress, including tremendous improvement of basic literacy skills and enrolment rates’ increase, particularly for women and girls, […]

Why I do what I do | The story of Melani

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”  – Criss Jami Welcome to my story, as I am sharing with you a quite new, but very intense journey that led me to an organization called AIESEC. But first, introduction, and how I ended up in Switzerland. My name […]

AIESEC Participates at UN ECOSOC Forum on Youth

This generation of young people – the largest the world has ever seen – has a historic opportunity to end poverty, combat climate change, create jobs and fight injustice, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told a Youth Forum at UN Headquarters in New York this morning as he called on the participants to get involved […]