Success story: D-ploy’s growth with Global Talent

AIESEC in Switzerland was founded back in 1951, and since then, our organisation has collaborated with many companies in the country to grow their market and achieve top performances in their respective fields through our Global Talent program.

An example of our partnerships is D-ploy, a Swiss-based IT Services and Engineering Solutions company with operations across Europe, which approached AIESEC as they were looking for international talent for their offices in Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic. We created a regional collaboration with them to ensure leadership development in all three countries, having the main point of contact here in Switzerland.

Stefanie Asberger, the Junior HR Manager, shares her experience with AIESEC’s Global Talent Program:
“We started our partnership with AIESEC a few months ago and are very satisfied with the cooperation. We requested a single point of contact from AIESEC for all our divisions and really appreciate their flexibility. During the candidate selection process, the shortlisted profiles were sent on time and the communication was always timely and clear. So far, we have onboarded two interns and are very happy with the support AIESEC has provided to D-ploy.”

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Effective team management leading to effective results

IMG_0141One of the key aspects that allow companies to achieve better results is effective people management. Although this responsibility is often attributed to the Human Resources department, managers and team leaders should recognize their active role on the employee’s performance, achieved results, motivation and development.

As an organization that seeks to develop leadership in its participants, AIESEC has developed Team Standards, a model for leaders to efficiently manage teams inside the organization. Check out our model below!

The first step of a team is building its identity. On this stage, the members get to know themselves, start bonding and understand the basic structure and activities of the area/ department.

Also, expectations are set as well as strategies and planning of the results.

On this moment, the leader has an active role in understanding his/hers members, by getting together individually with each one of them and setting personal development goals. This way, the team experience will add in results for the company and for the personal development of the individuals

Now that the team members already know each other, their responsibilities and goals, it is time to perform. It is important to establish a regular routine, by having periodical team meetings, one to one meetings and activities of the team in general in moments known as “off work” (team bonding, activities, appreciations and acknowledgements of the member’s work..)

Once the project is reaching it’s end, it is important to elaborate a report, mentioning key results, what was achieved and what was not. It is a way to make sure information won’t’ be lost and can be passed for other areas or teams.
Also, having moments of debriefing, evaluating key learnings, next steps and the team experience as a whole.

By going through these steps, company leaders are able to understand better it’s employees and make sure talented people continue in the organization, contributing to its sustainability and long term results.

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How AIESEC connects youth and companies: Global Talent


As the largest youth-led organisation, AIESEC aims to develop leadership in youth, and next to the Global Entrepreneur’s program, we run the Global Talent program. Through it, we connect young people to internship opportunities through our international platform, allowing your company to find the talent and innovation you have been looking for and activating leadership development in your international intern!

What does this product include? Here is an overview:

The flagship talent programme enables your businesses to provide meaningful professional experiences to a global network of youth talent who want to make a difference. The programme duration ranges from 3-18 months and is focused on bringing talent from all over the globe to your offices.
We provide a full range of support services that help make the experience as smooth as possible: from profiling the candidates, handling visa and logistics, to cultural integration and reception services. It is a flexible and effective business solution that can be implemented in multinationals across their various departments, or support fast growing SME’s in expanding globally.

AIESEC is partners with hundreds of organizations worldwide, such as Electrolux, ING, and DHL, as well as with D-Ploy and Complio amongst others here in Switzerland. For almost 70 years now we have been developing young leaders and contributing to organizational development of companies that believe in change, impact and innovation. By bringing different points of view and knowledge to the working environment, our partners are able to achieve bigger results.

And how can you be a part of this?
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How AIESEC connects startups and youth

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led network creating positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences. We strive for Peace and Fulfillment of humankind’s’ potential, by developing leadership in the youth promoting cross cultural exchanges.

Our cross cultural experiences are promoted by engaging youth and partners, who believe in change and impact. We work with different sectors and one of our main ones is the entrepreneur environment as nowadays, startups are booming and are a critical part of the future: in their 2016 report, the CTI wrote that 396 companies got the Start-up label since 1996, and this number that escalates more every year. As an organization, AIESEC believes startups are the right environment to foster the entrepreneurial mindset in youth and develop the skills they will need for the future.

Practically speaking, how do we connect youth and start ups?

With our Global Entrepreneur, we connect young talented people from all over the world to start ups opportunities through our Opportunities’ platform. After applying, we select the most suitable candidate for a 6 week to 3 month volunteer project related to the company’s needs and job description. You can find more details of Global Entrepreneur here: Global Entrepreneur .

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